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Work Together to Make Cambodia Clean City Green City (Video) 2017-02-17
Be Ready for Angkor Selfie Photo Contest on 20-21 March 2017 2017-02-17
Ministry of Tourism meet China Investor on 15 February 2017 2017-02-15
CATA Press Release on Srey Rath Travel Case on 15 February 2017 (Video) 2017-02-15
Announcement on Clean City Valuation Preparation on 13 February 2017 2017-02-13
MoT Report Angkor Wat Ticket sold on 04 February 2017 2017-02-05
MoT Report Angkor Wat Ticket sold on 03 February 2017 2017-02-04
MoT Report Angkor Wat Ticket sold on 01-02 February 2017 2017-02-03
Upcoming News from today . . . 2016-08-01
() 2016-07-31
(.) 2016-07-31
Ratanakkiri - Northeastern Cambodia as an alternative destination for tourist 2009-03-27
Construction Projects To Boost Tourism: Officials 2009-03-27
A study of sacred places in ancient Cambodia: the Ecole française dExtreme-Orient at work in Koh Ker 2009-03-24
Jungles and Lakes of Ratanakkiri an Alternative to Angkor Wat 2009-03-19
Govt Wants Temple Listed As World Heritage Site 2009-03-18
UNESCO Delegation Visits Preah Vihear 2009-03-16
Travel Agencies obtain licenses after cleanup 2009-02-26
An Interview with Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, Cambodia 2009-02-18
Cambodia: Government Mulls Tourism Stimulus 2009-02-16
Third PGA Tour-Rated Golf Course Opens in Siem Reap 2009-01-19
Tourism Push for Visit Southeast Asia Campaign 2009-01-16
Cambodias tourism sector wants strong 09 2009-01-07
Govt Approves Tourism Law As Growth Slows 2008-12-22
Ratanakkiri next frontier for tourism 2008-11-07
New Tourism Ads Airing On CNN International 2008-10-16
Services Grew 10.2% in 2007 Due to Tourism, Economic Activity 2008-08-14
Banking on Tourism 2008-08-14
Preah Vihear Approved as World Heritage Site 2008-07-08
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